Reboot your bar or restaurant business.

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Sixdots is an innovative digital menu, ordering and checkout platform, designed to be as versatile as your bar or restaurant business.

With Sixdots, merchants can create a modern table-side experience, reduce costs and expand revenue streams, while minimizing person-to-person touchpoints.

Table-side mobile ordering

Cloud-based menu management

Sales Data & Analytics Dashboard

All-in pricing, no fees & no revenue share

Free to Use

At Sixdots, we care about the wellbeing of the hospitality industry. In an effort to help the industry recover from the impact of COVID-19, we developed a unique, optional “Free-to-Use Policy” that gives merchants access to the Sixdots platform at no charge.

On-premise optimization technology designed to power your bar or restaurant business in the new world

Digital menu, ordering & checkout.

Table-side ordering: with Sixdots, your guests use their own mobile phones to access your bar or restaurant menu, place orders, checkout and pay.

Curbside, takeout & delivery: Sixdots is the only solution available to offer all four revenue streams. Your customers can order curbside, takeout and delivery, in addition to table-side ordering.

By creating a contactless, and more efficient experience, Sixdots improves order accuracy, ticket times, and allows your staff to focus on hospitality basics.

Cloud-based menu management & design tool.

Our web-based Menu Construction Tool lets you centralize ingredient & product lists.
Keep your recipes in one place with the Recipe Repository & use the Cocktail Costing Tool to determine per drink costs.
All web-based information can be exported to easily generate training materials for your staff or conduct inventory checks.

Review, analyze and understand your market in real time.

Online data and analytics dashboard: Sixdots’ powerful online dashboard gives you the insights you need to make better decisions. Gain a better understanding of your guests, access accounting tools, and use real-time insights to improve returns.

Seamless POS integration. 

Sixdots can be used independently or with your current existing network and integrates seamlessly into POS systems.

It’s your money.
You earned it.
You keep it. 

No pickup or takeout fees. No marketplace fees. No commissions. Period.

That’s the Sixdots Promise.

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