Invitation by

Kelly Crawford

This is a personal invitation to be included in Sixdots’ ForeverFree program.

This is not the final enrollment, signing up merely secures your spot in the program.
We work with our supplier partners making our order & delivery app completely free to use.
Allowing bars and restaurants to go back to business 100% contactless and up to 3x more cost-efficiently!

“We serve our guests 100% contactless.”

“I boosted my sales 3x by offering curb-side pickup”

“My wait staff won’t need to bring checks or run credit cards. They can focus on the customer experience while I can operate my restaurant two times more cost-efficiently.”

“Sixdots orders seamlessly show in our Toast POS.  We use Sixdots for Table-side ordering, Curbside pickup, and deliveries through their Doordash integration”

“NO REVENUE SHARING! I actually make a profit now. And my customers love the extra attention they now get from our servers.”

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