If you are a restaurant or bar owner or manager, Sixdots is for you.

Sixdots is an all-in-one bar and restaurant management platform designed to help you recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Digital Menu, Order, Pay

With Sixdots, customers can place tableside, delivery and takeout orders, from the palm of their hands.

Partner with Suppliers

Sixdots streamlines partnerships with beverage alcohol suppliers on cocktail programs, creating supplier-backed advertising opps for merchants.

Web-Based Menu Tool

Sixdots’ Menu Builder is easy to use and includes helpful tools like a Cocktail Recipe Repository, Cocktail Costing Tool, and more.

Know Your Customers

Sixdots provides you the sales analytics you need to better understand your customers, and make better decisions for your business.

These Bars & Restaurants Are Using Sixdots to Offer A Safer Consumer Experience

    It’s your money. You earned it, you keep it.

    No Revenue Share

    Sick of third-party apps eating up to 40% of your revenue? Sixdots takes no revenue share.

    No Hidden Fees

    Our all-in pricing means no hidden fees for you or for your customers.

    No Obligation Until 2021

    Bars and restaurants can try Sixdots with no obligation for 3 months.


    Use the full Sixdots platform for FREE when partnering with beverage alcohol suppliers.

    Sixdots for Suppliers

    Are you a beverage alcohol supplier?

    Sixdots is the only digital menu technology created with beverage alcohol suppliers in mind, that allows you to reach bars & restaurants efficiently, generate brand awareness, reduce operational costs and costs per case, and gain access to on-premise cocktail sales data.


    Ready to get started?

    Sixdots offers its own POS system or can integrate seamlessly with most major POS systems, so the set up process is quick and seamless. 



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Sixdots work for bars or restaurants?

    Sixdots is an all-in-one software solution that allows merchants to expand their revenue streams while minimizing person-to-person touchpoints. With QR codes, customers can download and the Sixdots app, where they can order, checkout and pay. The order goes directly to a merchant’s POS system or to Sixdots’ back-of-house software, to be fulfilled by the staff. Thanks to geolocation software, once the guest has downloaded the app once, they do not need to scan the QR code again.

    How do I get my restaurant or bar on the Sixdots app?

    To have your bar or restaurant on the Sixdots app, register for a demo on this page, or reach out to our team at [email protected] Our team can walk you through the application and onboarding process, which is quick and seamless.

    Can I really use Sixdots at my bar or restaurant for free?

    Yes, Sixdots is free to use when bars or restaurants opt in to one of our partner beverage alcohol supplier cocktail programs. And there’s no obligation for the first three months.

    Does Sixdots take a percentage of the revenue from the sales we make through them?

    Sixdots pledges to take 0% revenue share, no commissions, and no marketplace, delivery, or takeout fees from their merchants.

    How much does Sixdots cost my customers?

    Nothing! The Sixdots app is completely free to download AND use! We only charge a fee to pay the driver on delivery orders.

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