New Year New On-Premise Strategy

Access revolutionary cocktail sales data to optimize your on-premise approach.

Sixdots is the only all-in-one digital menu platform for bars and restaurants that helps suppliers reach consumers, increase brand awareness, expand their account universe, and gain access to cocktail sales data.

Are you a beverage alcohol brand owner or manager?

Generate on-premise sales and brand exposure in the palm of a customer’s hand by partnering with a bar or restaurant on a cocktail program.

Sixdots’ on-premise optimization technology helps suppliers channel marketing dollars in markets across the U.S.

Achieve more for your brand with on-premise data accessible only through Sixdots.

Cocktail performance data for each program.

Cocktail rank on menu.

Best cocktail sales day of the week and month.

Cocktail and food pairing trends and insights.


How does Sixdots work for beverage alcohol suppliers?

Sixdots gives beverage alcohol suppliers access to on-premise cocktail sales performance data, when partnering with a bar or restaurant.

What kind of data does Sixdots give suppliers?

As a Sixdots partner brand, suppliers receive:
• Full month performance analytics for each cocktail program
• Full month sales metrics for each cocktail program
• Cocktail type and style menu trend insights
• Cocktail program recipes
• Aggregate food-pairing trend insights.

How does Sixdots pricing work for suppliers?

Sixdots’ no cure no pay pricing model means that programs are secured in multi-month increments with no cost risk. Simply put, suppliers pay when – and only when – partnering with a bar or restaurant on a program.

What is Overproof?

Sixdots is offered by Overproof, the first and only AI-driven, business intelligence and strategic planning platform for the beverage alcohol industry.

When used in tandem with Overproof’s strategic planning platform, Sixdots supplier customers get access to real-time data dashboards and insights that empower better decisions.

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